#ImpactMetrics – Examples

This section is a follow-on from my earlier Impact Metrics post. As you can tell from the dates on these articles, I don’t tend to publish much…only when certain questions come up in conversation so often, that it’s more efficient to point to something written down.

When talking about impact metrics, a common question is ‘How would I apply that to my product / project / application / department?”.

The answer, as always, is – ‘it depends’. Impact is always context specific, and so it takes a little more effort in how to apply it than concepts which are business domain agnostic, such as cycle time.

That said, there are patterns which have proven helpful in aiding teams apply these concepts to their own worlds. I’ll write a series of posts underneath this one, outlining so ways in which Impact Metrics can be applied in various contexts.

They won’t all come at once, and if history is any predictor of the future, they won’t come thick and fast 🙂 If you’re interested in a specific domain, please let me know and I’ll add it / bump it up the priority list.

Areas I will cover in time

  • Revenue driving change (just published!)
  • Regulatory change
  • Business operations change
  • Technology operations change
  • Cyber security investments
  • Investments in technology architecture
  • Non-technical change (process / other business operational changes)


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